“McDonald’s Psalms” by Artist Madeline Rupard

A delightful series from artist Madeline Rupard. Happily torn between East and West, Rupard was born in Utah and raised in Washington DC. She received her BFA from Brigham Young University, MFA from Pratt Institute, and is currently based out of Ridgewood, NY. A keen observer of the conditions of our daily lives, her work explores dualities and juxtapositions in […]

Alan Ket’s ‘The Wide World of Graffiti’: A Testament to the Art Form’s Global Impact

Graffiti artists often dismiss histories or narratives not of their own making, including those from their peers. This subculture, which has continuously evolved across different cities, time zones, decades, and languages over the past 60 years, is so rich in stories and counterstories that it might take another 30 years for the aerosol to clear and reveal these origin tales […]

“(Up)Rooted” by Artist Dominique Fung

New York-based artist Dominique Fung (previously featured here) embarks on her first solo exhibition in Europe with “(Up)Rooted,” an allegorical journey featuring a mixture of paintings and sculpture. Building upon themes and concepts explored in her installation works at Rockefeller Center earlier this year, the show plays with both the familiar and the surreal, while encouraging viewers to imagine a […]

Various & Gould Go to Church to Spread Colorful “Strahlen” with Project “Startbahn”

In the heart of Berlin-Neukölln, the Genezareth Church, a neo-Gothic tower with a history as rich and intricate as the city itself, stands renewed and vibrant, thanks to the artistic duo Various and Gould. Their latest project, “Strahlen” (German for “rays” or “to shine”), was inaugurated in mid-September, almost 120 years to the day after the church’s foundation stone was […]

Artist Spotlight: Jeffly Gabriela Molina

A selection of paintings by Chicago-based artist Jeffly Gabriela Molina from Táchira, Venezuela. Molina received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. Her work is inspired by stories of migration and daily life in the places she’s lived in Venezuela and the United States. “How One Becomes What One Is?” is a series of […]

A Glimpse into CANADA’s Most Iconic Music Videos Over the Last 15 Years

This year marks the 15th Anniversary of CANADA, not the country (obviously), the visionary creative company from Barcelona, Spain! Whether you’re familiar with their name or not, you’ve certainly encountered their remarkable body of work. They have been a dominant force in the music video industry, making some of our most favourite videos for over a decade. From their provocative […]

Neon Saltwater Drenched a Gas Station in Neon Las Vegas; “Cherry Lake”

Seattle-based digital artist and color virtuoso Abigail Dougherty, known in the art world as Neon Saltwater, recently unveiled her latest installation in Downtown Las Vegas, an eye-popping spectacle you can appreciate in the images here. Located on bustling East Fremont Street, the “Cherry Lake” project transforms a once-abandoned garage into a vibrant, chromatic fantasy. Curated by the innovative group Justkids, […]

Photographer Spotlight: Karabo Mooki

A project about the Punk Rock movement in Soweto, South Africa by photographer and filmmaker Karabo Mooki from Johannesburg. Focusing on distinctive casting and under-represented faces, Mooki’s work explores themes of race, gender, sexuality, and class while seeking to highlight life in South Africa in an honest and authentic way. According to Mooki, the township of Soweto has seen an […]