Artist Spotlight: Gabe Langholtz

A selection of recent paintings by Austin, Texas-based artist Gabe Langholtz. Drawing inspiration from folk art and American Color Field painting, Langholtz’ paintings feature mundane cultural objects and activities rendered in his signature style, with a focus on color relations, pattern-making, form and line, with a heavy emphasis on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. Throughout the painting process, Langholtz […]

To Hope Magazine

Curated by photographer Grant Lewandowski and published by Nighted Life, Сподіваюсь (To Hope) Magazine brings together images by 34 photographers, many of whom are Ukrainian, in support of the people of Ukraine. Featuring both photography and text, the project offers a stark contrast to the current reality of chaos, tragedy and war, with the anticipation of a peaceful and beautiful […]

On The Spot: Machine Delusions

If androids dream of electric sheep, then AI dreams of robotic wasps, chromed up bears, and technologically advanced fish. Toronto-based artist Machine Delusions is here to turn those dreams into real art, using algorithmic tools as a foundation for his artistic workflow.  With AI-based art rising in popularity, we talked to Machine Delusions to find out how he utilizes the […]

“The Arabella Freeman Series” by Artist Hilary Harkness

A selection of recent work by Brooklyn-based artist Hilary Harkness. Through her painting practice, Harkness reimagines histories that comment on sociocultural forces with a contemporary revisionist sensibility. Her earlier paintings focused on the World War II era, and her newest body of work, “The Arabella Freeman Series,” is an ongoing episodic project. Now represented by P.P.O.W. Gallery, the series was […]

“Dry Land” by Photographer Edouard Sepulchre

“Dry Land,” by French photographer Edouard Sepulchre (previously featured here), is the culmination of six months spent cycling through the arid lands of the Maghreb and the Middle East. The American West is at the heart of Sepulchre’s fascination with deserts and dry places, and “Dry Land” expands on these interests, recreating a world from the landscapes and characters he […]

Medianeras Part II: Painting Around the World, Social Media & Responsibility

We continue today with our interview with Analí Chanquia and Vanesa Galdeano, who together are known professionally as MEDIANERAS. Today we talk about what it is like to travel the world painting, how they address concepts of gender in their work, street artists’ responsibilities to society, and how Social Media has affected their practice Medianeras. The Crystal Ship Festival. Ostende, […]

Artist Spotlight: Julie Curtiss

A selection of recent paintings by Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Julie Curtiss. Centered around the relationship between nature and culture, Curtiss’ paintings explore and rework female archetypes through a surreal sense of the uncanny. She elaborates: “I enjoy the complementarity of humor and darkness, the mysterious and the mundane, grotesque shapes and vivid colours, which I explore in paintings , sculpture, […]

“Vitaly’s House” by Photographer Joe Perri

A selection of images from “Vitaly’s House,” the recent series by Brooklyn, New York-based photographer Joe Perri. Growing up a natural storyteller, photography became Perri’s vehicle for revealing emotional depth in people and the world around him. “My work explores the nuances of the human condition, finding narrative through light and detail sometimes hidden in plain view,” he explains. Photographed […]