On the Spot: Angie Rozelaar

If you look claw-sely, you might notice that Angie Rozelaar likes cats. Also puns. Now that is quite the explosive combo! As cat-lovers ourselves, we sat down with her to find out how she felines about her work, what inspires her, and what she does for fun. Unsurprisingly, all of these topics were soon covered by a fine layer of […]

Writing Bacteria: Said Dokins Tests Street Vernacular in the Lab and Museum

BIO-RESCRIPTURES ITINERARIES OF BODY AND FLESH IN THE PUBLIC MUSEUM SPHERE Art, technology, and science are often mentioned in the same sentence these days, including occasionally in street art. Indeed elements of all three have always been present in the coded communications of graffiti writers and street artists; a multicolored reflection in the petri dish of society, occasionally examined microscopically. […]

“Red Car” by Artist Peter Mix

If you’re in New York, you can catch Brooklyn artist Peter Mix’s show, “Red Car”, at Marvin Gardens for a few more days. The peculiar series of paintings features a recurring red car separating a group of characters. Mix says, “These paintings convey the transition between unionship and solitude. There is an undeniable yet overlooked internal deviation during these shifts, […]

Spidertag Glows Larger Than Ever in Bentonville with JustKids – ‘INM#16’

Spidertag. INM#16 in collaboration with Justkids and Oz Art NWA. Bentonville, Arkansas. (photo © Justkids) Bentonville, Arkansas is more known for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, The Momentary, the Ozark Mountains, hiking/biking, cosmopolitan amenities, luxury homes, millionaires (and a couple of billionaires), – than it is for being a vibrant organic street art scene. Nonetheless, art dealer and curator, […]

“Wildflowers” by Artist Rune Christensen

A new series of paintings by Danish artist Rune Christensen (previously featured here). “Wildflowers” takes the form of a fairytale inspired by the stories Christensen invented for his two daughters. Spanning from the ancient past to the distant future, the images follow two fearsome warriors travelling on horseback through the forest at night, gathering flowers and fighting predators they meet […]

“The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her” by Photographer Eman Ali

From Oman and based in Bahrain, photographer Eman Ali combines photography, text, sound, and installations to delve into the complex interplay between gender, religion, and socio-political ideologies in the Khaleeji culture. By using her practice as a means of social critique, observation, and investigation of the layered histories of the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa, Ali provides a unique and insightful […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.28.23

Welcome to BSA Images of the Week! Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend in NYC, when New Yorkers remember those who died in wars, and we have parades, barbecues, smoke reefer on the stoop, ride the Circle Line, go to the Met Museum, hit Ellis Island, stroll through the park, play kickball with your neighbors, see fireworks, ride your bike across […]

“All Black Everything” at the Museum Of Graffiti in Miami

The Museum of Graffiti, the world’s first museum dedicated to graffiti art, will open “All Black Everything,” the first exclusively African American graffiti exhibition. The exhibition aims to highlight and honor the legacy of these artists, especially considering their foundational role in the genesis of the art form and their inspiration for countless artists in both the streets and gallery […]