BSA Images Of The Week: 12.04.22

December 4, 2022 Artists, BSA Images Of The Week Welcome to BSA Images of the Week! A splendid selection this week of very entertaining pieces across the city. As we enter December, you can see that graffiti and street artists are going full-steam ahead into the new year – with personal, political, philosophical, and even romantic sentiments. Here’s our weekly […]

Bartek Swiatecki / Pener: Selected Works 15-21

A new book here features six years of selected works from a Polish graffiti writer, muralist, and professor of art and painting at a secondary school in his hometown of Olsztyn, Pener. He reckons that his life is one of ‘Planned Freestyle,’ meaning that having structure imposed upon him is very helpful in focusing his creative mind. You may quickly […]

In Between Dichotomies: Art by David Lascaris

Italian architect and visual artist of many mediums, David Lascaris, lives and works in Amsterdam. His artistic practice fluctuates between the essential contraries of transience and eternity, divinity and humanity, life and death, and he often finds himself exploring the spaces in between. Here, in his own words, he shares his inspirations and creative process. The article is part of a […]

BSA Film Friday: 12.02.22

December 2, 2022 Artists, BSA Film Friday Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening:1. Edward Hopper’s New York. Via Whitney Museum of American Art2. The enveloping work of Barbara Kruger: MoMA3. Man Who Turned Trash Into Family Treasures / The Garbage Man “The city of New York was Edward Hopper’s […]

“What Is It You Seek?” by Artist Hanna Lee Joshi

A selection of new work by Korean-Canadian artist Hanna Lee Joshi (previously featured here). Her upcoming show, “What is it You Seek?,” is about the search for autonomy within and explores themes of individuality and how it relates to universal identity. Drawing on her own experience and internal struggles, Joshi’s work offers a synesthetic glimpse into one’s interior landscape and […]

Photographer Spotlight: Marco Argüello

Marco Argüello (previously featured here) is a self-taught American photographer based in Athens, Greece. With a practice that involves wandering in search of interesting characters and compositions, Arguello does not set out with a predetermined concept in mind. Instead, his projects come together in the editing process, bringing together images with a common thread. Tending to get bored of his […]

Henry Hang – Le Degas De La Street Dance

December 1, 2022 Artists Bringing two of the elements of Hip Hop together on his latest mural, painter and photographer (and occasional professor) Henry Hang shows his enthusiasm here in his native Paris with an aerosol can and brush with equal passion. Henry Hang – Le Degas De La Street Dance. Elise Herszkowicz | Art Azoï. Centre Ken Saro-Wiwa. Paris, […]

On the spot: Nibera

80s light grid? Check. Warm, faded color palette? Check. Space inspirations? You got it! When it comes to retro-inspired art, Slovenian artist Nibera ticks all the boxes, while also making her art truly unique with some original compositional arrangements.  Turns out Nibera is one hell of a retrohead. She’s not only inspired by the past but also tries to keep […]

Artist Spotlight: Sean Hamilton

After a short and tumultuous career in advertising, a layoff pushed artist Sean Hamilton back home to Idaho, where he set up a studio on his parents’ ranch and decided to fully commit to his fine art practice. Now based in Seattle, Washington, Hamilton draws imagery from his rural roots. His paintings respond to common motifs of rural life and […]