Photographer Spotlight: Jonathan Jasberg

A selection of images taken in Cairo during the COVID pandemic by photographer Jonathan Jasberg. The title of the project, “Cairo: A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect,” comes from an ancient Egyptian proverb. The series aims to reflects candid moments of a sprawling metropolis often viewed as dangerous and hectic: “Early on in my time in Cairo, as I was […]

Border Light Part I / Guerrilla Spam

Ancora Imparo and the Labyrinth In this age of increasing polarization you may be cheered by the work of the artist collective Guerilla Spam, whom invests its time and effort into connecting communities with each other, with art, with history – across generations of citizens in Italy. Today we bring you Part One of a two-part installation they’ve just completed […]

“Arnica” by Photographer Rosemary Haynes

A series about mothers by Massachusetts-born, New York-based photographer Rosemary Haynes. Drawn to the way photographs entangle the personal archive and the “present moment,” Haynes creates images that explore ideas of lore and memory. In this particular project, Haynes takes on the theme of family, coming-of-age, and missing our mothers. As she states, it’s a project about how social reproductive […]

Artist Spotlight: Ruth Murray

Ruth Murray is a figurative painter living and working in Manchester, UK. Working in a realist style, Murray’s detailed paintings are about the experiences of women. Sometimes evoking feelings of alienation and paranoia, or exploring issues around self-conception or social status, her paintings feature women and girls in various scenes, both at home and in nature. She elaborates:  “There is […]

Photographer Spotlight: William Mark Sommer

A selection of images documenting the freedom of the road by California-based photographer William Mark Sommer (previously featured here). The culmination of 15 years spent traveling across America, the black and white series captures the ebbs and flows of life over time: “I’ve seen the change in land and time, from built to closed and back, photographing the road has […]

Alice Pasquini Paints ‘Generation Equality’ in London

August 8, 2022 Artists Italian street artist, illustrator, and muralist Alice Pasquini just completed a new mural in London for “Generation Equality”. She says that she did it in partnership with StreetArtForMankind and UNWomen to mark the implementation of the #GenerationEquality Plan. “The plan calls for equal pay, an end to violence against women and girls, and healthcare services that […]

“Juliet’s Postcard” by Photographer Brian Van Lau

A selection of images from “Juliet’s Postcard,” the most recent series by photographer Brian Van Lau (previously featured here). Currently based in Seattle, Washington, Lau is a freelance photographer, often on the road. His work is about “searching for fictitious evidence,” and he was recently selected as a winner of the Urbanautica Institute Awards 2021. In describing “Juliet’s Postcard,” he […]

An Enchanted Painted Forest in SANT ADRIÀ

August 6, 2022 Artists Urban environments continue to evolve and adapt to the exigencies of population growth caused in part by the exodus of people from rural areas to metropolia around the world. Structural features of infrastructure previously thought of as “modern” are now simply eyesores as people aim to incorporate imagery and symbols of natural beauty and human warmth. […]