“Love Letters” by Artist Mikey Yates

Taymour Grahne Projects is currently exhibiting “Love Letters”, the first UK solo by Filipino American artist Mikey Yates. All the paintings in the show are new works which serve as love letters to his friends and family. Yates says the images explore “the stories places tell about people and the stories people tell about places”. Have a look at more […]

Artist Spotlight: Holly Keogh

With an interest in the relationship between memory and our desire to document or freeze time, Charlotte, North Carolina-based artist Holly Keogh is especially fascinated by the inherent limitations of any archival practice. Growing up as a first generation American, Keogh’s family members in England and America mailed photographs back and forth. “These photographs depict cousin’s birthdays I never attended […]

“Junebug vs. Hurricane” by Photographer Dylan Lewis

A selection of images from the ongoing series, “Junebug vs. Hurricane,” by photographer and writer Dylan Lewis. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Lewis is currently based in Athens, Georgia, where he is an MFA student at the University of Georgia. A personal narrative of grief, loss, and the vagaries of making, being, and belonging under late capitalism, the work is set […]

LIVE from Berlin this Week: UN & Martha Cooper & BSA

Aiko. Detail. Urban Nation Museum Berlin. (photo © Nika Kramer) They say you shouldn’t believe your own press releases, and we agree. We also are beyond excited to be in Berlin this week with Martha Cooper for a slate of activities celebrating our curation of her career-spanning retrospective including: The brand new museum facade painting by Lady Aiko celebrating the […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 10.24.21

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.12.21Welcome to BSA Images of the Week. Our hearts and minds are heavy and quiet this weekend as we contemplate the two decades and lost lives and liberties since September 11, 2001. It’s impossi… BSA Images Of The Week: 09.05.21Welcome to BSA Images of the Week! We were battered like hell this week by the […]

“Swim With Dolphins” by Max Zerrahn

Max Zerrahn sent over a copy of his beautiful new hardcover book “Swim With Dolphins”, published by White Belt Publishing in Berlin. It’s a photo essay, told in eight chapters, that playfully aims to look at the discrepancy between the dreams and aspirations we carry within ourselves, and the reality we ultimately live in. By taking popular bucket list items […]

BSA Film Friday: 10.22.21

October 22, 2021 Artists, BSA Film Friday Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening:1. Ocean Cleanup: “That’s A Big A** Catch”2. PichiAvo: Venus de Mil in Sao Paulo, Brazil.3. ASVP in NYC via Tost Films Are you looking for career fulfillment? To do work that actually matters? Here’s a path […]

Artist Spotlight: Mevlana Lipp

For as long as he can remember, Leverkusen, Germany-based artist Mevlana Lipp has been fascinated by nature in all its diversity. “The simultaneous complexity and simplicity of the relationships in the biological cosmos contain a magic that I can not escape,” he explains. “Nature has always been a real but also imaginary place of longing for me, that has something […]

Artist Spotlight: Jochen Mühlenbrink

Perhaps best known for his impressive trompe l’oeil techniques, artist Jochen Mühlenbrink, based between Germany and the Netherlands, describes his latest series as “a philosophical approach to painting.” By achieving seemingly natural optic effects with paint, he investigates the ambiguity of reality. Seamlessly rendered, his fogged windows are both a celebration of painterly illusion and dystopian iconoclasm. The paintings create […]